The Skills Group is a skills development consultancy for the logistics industry.

‘Skills’ is at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to help businesses in the logistics sector upskill their staff and develop strategies for workforce planning and development, to ensure that they and their teams are ready for the changes that the future will inevitably bring.

Our team has over 35 years’ experience in working in the industry and in finding solutions to tackling the unique challenges that our sector faces – using proven methodologies and emerging technologies to implement process improvement strategies, and to upskill the logistics sector workforce across the UK and internationally.

We have one subsidiary company, Skills for Logistics, and are affiliated, through our directors, with Flow Logistics Online and the Logistics Skills Network.

Skills for Logistics - An end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) and international consultancy with unrivalled expertise in logistics and supply chain, working at the heart of apprenticeship standards to support the development of learners across the sector.

Flow Logistics Online - Flow Logistics Online is a career and skills development and management platform for the logistics sector, designed to provide an online learning and career development journey to those pursuing, or interested in, a career in the Logistics sector, as well as being a valuable resource to help employers and agencies with recruitment and retention of staff.

Logistics Skills Network - The Logistics Skills Network is a not-for-profit membership trade organisation with a remit to represent logistics training providers and promote their collective interests to government, regulators, the wider logistics and passenger transport sectors and to those working in the sectors.

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